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Salesforce Implementation and Case Management for Brilliant Baby

Oakland Promise has an auspicious goal: Ensure that every child in Oakland graduates from high school and has the resources and skills to complete college and be successful in the career of their choice. To accomplish this goal, they needed a great database to track the children and all their services.

Enter Dayspring and Salesforce.


Oakland Promise serves children, youth and families in Oakland, with a goal to drastically increase the number of Oakland youth who go to college. In their Brilliant Baby program, they begin working with newborns, toddlers and their families and then provide appropriate services as they grow older and approach college age. Oakland Promise partners with other service organizations to accomplish these goals.


Oakland Promise wanted to begin by developing a database for their Brilliant Baby program, which will serve 1,500 babies in Oakland in the first three years. This database needed to track children, their families and the assessments and services provided directly to them and through coaches at partner organizations. They needed a streamlined intake process that would assign coaches seamlessly. Coaches needed an easy way to track their caseload and the system needed to be easy to use. Additionally, financial institution data from their college savings account provider needed to be brought into their database as well.


Dayspring implemented Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack, configuring Salesforce to track children and families and the services provided to them. Salesforce Console and Lightning pages were configured to improve user experience. Next, FormAssembly forms were created to bring in survey and assessment data into Salesforce. Salesforce was configured to accept Child Savings Account (CSA) data, and a data import process was developed to bring in CSA data provided by the financial institution. Finally, Dayspring provided training to Oakland Promise staff to ensure their new system was adopted smoothly.


Babies in Oakland are being placed on a path to success. Families are receiving the support they need. Coaches from partner organizations are able to easily monitor coaching progress. Oakland Promise is able to track progress and measure their program’s effectiveness. College admission directors rejoice! In years to come, many more students from Oakland are headed your way.

Technologies employed

Salesforce, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce Console, Lightning Pages, Process Builder

Apps: Form Assembly


  • Salesforce Configuration
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits

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