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Concept to Launch. 2 MM+ downloads.

Dayspring developed the Goodbudget app from concept to launch as a successful subscription-based business.

  • Android, iOS and the Web
  • Seamless, cross-platform sync
  • Offline accessibility
  • …and a darn cute mascot!

Meet Goodbudget

Never know whether you’re going to hit your budget? Too busy to be bothered entering in rafts of receipts at the end of the month? Frustrated by transaction imports that never seem to work just right? Scared of trying to budget in the first place? You can keep a budget. Goodbudget can help!

About Goodbudget

Goodbudget (formerly the Easy Envelope Budget Aid, EEBA) is a highly-rated budgeting and spending control tool that Dayspring developed and then made available through Google Play. We decided to take our expertise in Java, Android, mobile, and Web development and address all those budgeters out there looking for exactly this solution!

What Is Envelope Budgeting?

In contrast to a lot of budgeting, which is essentially retrospective, the envelope budgeting method emphasizes proactively controlling spending. Rather than getting to the end of the month and realizing you’ve overspent, with envelope budgeting you create a plan at the beginning of the month (or other pay period), withdraw sufficient cash to cover the plan, and divide that cash into envelopes.

Technologies Employed

Android SDK, iOS, Objective-C, PHP, MySQL, SSL, jQuery, PayPal


  • iOS Development
  • Android Development

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Then you (and your spouse or your housemates) spend cash from the envelopes and stop when you hit empty on any one envelope—or before if you’re truly disciplined!

The Problem

The problem is that carrying around cash in envelopes is extremely inconvenient in this age of plastic (not to mention e-commerce, mobile-enabled payments, etc.). Budgeters need the feedback of knowing their balance remaining in any particular envelope. But it’s increasingly unrealistic to actually carry around the cash.

The Solution

Enter Goodbudget. Goodbudget combines an Android app and a Web (and mobile Web-optimized) site to allow you to control your spending. Because Goodbudget’s on your device, you always have balances at your fingertips and can enter transactions at point-of-sale, eliminating the tedious process of entering receipts at the end of a month. We saw an opportunity to deploy a solution that nobody is solving very well yet, and, at the same time, gain deep experience in the concepting, development, and deployment of Android applications through Google Play. Goodbudget hit 1,000 downloads within about a week and a half of release—more than 60% of all apps in the Play Store, including ones that have been out for many months longer. The app continues to gain downloads and registrants. Update: Dayspring identified as a “Top Android Market Developer” by Google’s Android Device Seeding Program. Installed 10’s of thousands of times and displaying in the Top Free Finance Apps section of Google Play. Hooray! Update 2: Goodbudget is now on iPhone as well, has been downloaded multiple millions of times and maintains 4.5 star ratings in both stores.

Learn More

Learn more about our home budget app at the website, where you can also get Goodbudget on your iPhone or Android device!

The best part, and the relationship saver, is that you can sync the app with another person! You can track your spending together.

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A great tool designed for shared budgets.


Love this. Perfect tool. So excited to have everything in one place and in the palm of my hand.

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