BSN Sports

Hitting homerun after homerun.

Custom storefronts: At scale.

What do you get when you combine the industry leader in team sporting goods with a vision for technology-enabled efficiency?

BSN’s My Team Shop.


BSN Sports, the largest manufacturer, marketer and distributor of sporting goods products direct to the institutional and team sports marketplace.


Ordering uniforms for a sports team is a pain. There are paper order forms, missed deadlines, and forgetful teenagers. Can you say nightmare?


Tevis Martin, Executive VP, Paul Kruger, Director of Internet Operations, and Jon Gildner, Marketing Manager, saw the opportunity to create a tool so coaches never have to deal with collecting order forms and money ever again.

Technologies Employed

PHP, MySQL, CyberSource payment integration, SAP web services integration, jQuery, AJAX, Apache Web server, SSL


  • Web Applications
  • E-Commerce
  • Website Hosting

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Our team implemented an ecommerce solution where players from a sports team (like a high school baseball team, for example) select products — shoes, uniforms, equipment and more — from a catalog specific to their team.

Coaches distribute a flyer with a unique team access code. For two weeks, players visit the custom storefront to order all the gear they need and pay individually. The entire order is processed as a group and all the equipment is sent to the coach to distribute. The coach never has to deal with collecting order forms or collecting money from any of the players on their team. That’s what we call a “technology homerun.”

Integrated cross-sells, item personalization, package discounting, a wide range of payment options, and visibility into available inventory give BSN’s sales force the ability to satisfy individual client needs.

To optimize the business side for BSN, we integrated their backend system with SAP to manage orders, track inventory and handle accounting, with a focus on automating as much as possible. Other wins are always accurate inventory information, fewer occurrences of cancelled orders, and an all-around optimized system.


Project sponsor and Executive VP Tevis Martin confirms, “My Team Shop has created substantial new business opportunities.” BSN Sports is hitting homerun after homerun with their growth. They’re the all-star, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team.

Hey team, we have a winner! Great excitement and widespread affirmation that we have a fantastic tool.

Tevis Martin
Executive Vice President, US Operations
BSN Sports

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