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Drupal CMS and Salesforce CRM for Cutting-Edge Nonprofit

Increased Engagement Leads to Community Growth Managed via Cloud Solution

Nonprofit funder REDF had a new and ambitious goal of creating 1000 jobs within three years for the unemployed by fostering the growth of social enterprises. Along with this goal, REDF sought a website that would enable it to easily publish and manage information.

Drupal Content Management

Dayspring partnered with Mission Minded, REDF’s design partner, to take REDF’s vision and make it a reality. Based on Drupal, an open-source content management system (CMS), the site offers REDF staff an easy way to manage content, its visitors an easy way to contribute job postings and publications of interest, and specific user communities like the Board and its Farber Alumni program access to password-protected content.

Technologies Employed

Drupal, PHP, Network for Good, MySQL, Salesforce CRM,, Salesforce Sites

Design Partner

Mission Minded


  • Content Management
  • Website Hosting

Visit the website

Content rating, commenting, send to a friend, newsletter subscriptions, online donations and video and audio were all integrated for this full-featured site.

Maintenance of the site was seamlessly transitioned to REDF’s in-house staff following launch of the website. Feedback since launch has been very positive, and REDF has expanded its community significantly by capturing visitor email addresses as users request content.

Dayspring provides website hosting for the REDF site on its virtual private server offering which supports both production and staging versions of the site. In addition to automated remote monitoring of the server, Dayspring supplies managed offsite backup of REDF’s content and databases. REDF also has full control over the server for additional one-off microsites promoting particular campaigns.

Contact Management and More with Salesforce CRM

Starting with an initial effot to organize and migrate contact data to Salesforce CRM, Dayspring has guided REDF through additional initiatives to shift more of the heavy lifting to the cloud:

  • Staff training in Salesforce CRM concepts and practices along with Outlook Connect functionality
  • Business process consulting and modeling in Salesforce CRM
  • Development of Web forms tied to custom CRM processes for information requests and online applications

REDF has relied on Dayspring as a Web development and software partner since 1998.

Dayspring is a 'one-stop shop' for our web needs. From design to numbers tracking to strategic planning to implementation, they are with us every step of the way.

Vanessa Collins
Director, Operations & Communications

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