Chinese for Affirmative Action

Migrating several decades’ worth of data.

Salesforce Training and Support

Salesforce Implementation and Data Extraction/Migration

A nonprofit with its data stuck in a legacy database wanted to move into the future by moving that data into Salesforce. It would take a data migration expert to extract that data from Sage. … And a previous consultant’s migration attempt had failed.

Enter Dayspring.


Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) is a nonprofit based in San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, which seeks to advance the civil and political rights of Chinese Americans. They also are an umbrella organization for nine groups that form Asian Americans for Civil Rights Equality (AACRE).


CAA needed to migrate their fundraising and program database to Salesforce from their two legacy databases, Sage and Salsa. With more than a million records generated over 40 plus years, this was not a task for the faint of heart. In addition, CAA needed to structure access to Salesforce in order to allow each of the remote member organizations of AACRE to have access to only their own donors and donation history.


The task was clear: configure Salesforce with the Nonprofit Success Pack for CAA’s needs, do a little security matrix magic, and then, oh yes, the data…

There are some databases like Salesforce, that believe your data is yours, and you ought to be able to easily export it with one click of a button. Let’s call those “pleasant databases”. But then there are other databases we could call “pernicious”. Pernicious databases are built to do everything possible to make it impossible to extract your data. Unlabeled tables, distantly connected objects. Unfortunately Sage is a “pernicious” database.

Dayspring’s data experts did a deep dive into the treacherous terrain of Sage, capturing IDs, deciphering names, connecting tables, combining objects, until, at last, there was CAA’s data: clean, well-structured, appropriately linked and just begging to be imported into the pleasant pastures of Salesforce.

Technologies employed

Salesforce Sales Cloud, SQL, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce App Exchange, Web-To-Lead, Report Builder  

Apps: Soapbox Mailer, Eventbrite for Salesforce, Salsa Sync for Salesforce


  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Data Extraction and Migration
  • Event Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits

Meanwhile in Salesforce, we had configured the Nonprofit Success Pack and defined record access. Soapbox Mailer replaced Salsa for email marketing. EventBrite for Salesforce replaced Google Spreadsheets for event management. Salsa Sync brought constituents’ advocacy actions into Salesforce.

The result? With Salesforce, CAA has a modern, unified, cloud-based, relational database which allows it to raise money more effectively and to advance its mission to protect the civil rights of Asian Americans.

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