A comprehensive course platform.

Salesforce Training and Support

Salesforce Course Registration Solution

An expanding nonprofit needed a course registration system, marketing database and the ability to track course offerings and registrants. Salesforce, implemented by Dayspring, was the unified database solution.


Birth2Work, a nonprofit that helps parents raise their children to be successful, capable and thoughtful citizens.


Birth2Work asked Dayspring to help envision and build a system to provide parenting success courses across the country. The platform would be easy to use, while still powerful enough to scale with them as they expanded their parenting course offerings.

Technologies employed

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce App Exchange, Web-To-Lead, HTML, Report Builder

Apps: Click & Pledge Events Management, MailChimp for Salesforce, GetFeedback


  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Email Marketing
  • Course Registration and Payment
  • Course Evaluation Surveys
  • Vendor, Instructor and Materials Management
  • Salesforce for Nonprofits


Dayspring’s Salesforce consulting team dove in and immediately worked on Salesforce admin punchlist items that had accumulated. Gradually, we moved to additionally suggest and implement Salesforce best practices; propose apps and tools that could serve well; train staff on Salesforce reporting; and build additional custom reports and dashboards.

As a part of the engagement, Dayspring also helped document existing functionality and processes around Salesforce, putting Birth2Work in a more resilient place organizationally and ensuring that its mission continues to be fulfilled—and that generations of Californians will continue to enjoy the state’s amazing network of parks.

  • Click & Pledge Event Management provided the course registration system which we configured for Birth2Work’s needs, providing a branded registration page where people could register for and pay for courses.  Registrants and payments are automatically added to Salesforce and placed in the course they registered for.  
  • MailChimp for Salesforce provided the ability for Birth2Work to easily pull lists from Salesforce for segmented course promotion.  
  • GetFeedback provided the ability to automate collection of course evaluation surveys at the midpoint and end of each course.   

We wrapped up the engagement by documenting the system and newly configured processes and training end users.

The result? A comprehensive platform that allows Birth2Work staff to plan, schedule, promote, manage and evaluate their course offerings wherever they are held across the U.S.  

Parents becoming more effective. Children thriving and becoming healthy, productive and joyful adults. Now that’s success.

The Salesforce team at Dayspring is great. It’s not being modest to say I knew absolutely nothing about Salesforce prior to starting this project and yet, because we are small company, I became the person to learn about it and head this project to completion. The Dayspring team was patient and helpful, consistently on time, and delivered a good product… In a world filled with “I am smarter than you” attitudes, I am thrilled to show support to a business that treats those of us who don’t know all the tech in the world with respect.

Stephanie Small
Associate Managing Director, Birth2Work

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