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High Tech Company Redesign for Product Launch

Only eight weeks to the major product announcement! Dayspring delivers in time.

The VP of Marketing selected Dayspring as the creative team most capable of redesigning the website and launching just in time. We were, and we did.

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In mid-March, after screening numerous firms through in-person interviews, Dayspring was selected by the VP of Marketing and entrusted with the time-critical task of redesigning, rebuilding and relaunching the corporate website in advance of the product release. On June 2, Kilopass announced the industry's largest embedded logic non-volatile memory for semiconductor systems-on-chip from their just-redesigned website. Dayspring was there, managing the activity.

Working within the tight timeline, the Dayspring creative team delivered graphic design comps, restructured the information architecture, and guided the Kilopass team through the process to arrive at the approved design. Dayspring managed the full project scope, including SEO and content recommendations.

Dayspring assisted Kilopass with search engine performance, assessing the competitiveness of selected keywords and developing additional ones as appropriate. Copywriting guildelines were provided to the client including:

  • Page text modifications and content suggestions
  • Browser field and URL content guidelines
  • Website metrics to monitor
Content Management and Training

The final site was developed on the WordPress platform and Dayspring provided training to the Kilopass staff in advance of site launch. Fully equiped to manage the site, the Kilopass in-house staff migrated content into the new system while Dayspring was preparing for the transition.

On June 2, Dayspring "flipped the switch" in coordination with the product announcement, directing the traffic spike generated by the buzz to the new public site. Dayspring delivers, right on time!

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