Website Redesign for First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank had an outdated website with over 400 pages of content. Looking to streamline the site's information architecture and update its visuals, First Republic still had a major problem—how do you take the accumulation of years of content creation and migrate it all to a new look-and-feel and organization? And how do you do it flawlessly?

Website Redesign - First Republic BankWebsite Redesign - First Republic BankWebsite Redesign - First Republic Bank

First Republic turned to Dayspring's Web development team for a solution. Based on a design supplied by the Bank's design partner, Dayspring produced all of the Web templates and created customized content migration scripts which "read" all of the existing static Web pages and translated them into the new look-and-feel. Dayspring also employed cutting-edge techniques to render fonts that are not generally available on all browsers.

After several rounds of intense testing covering all major (and some not so major) browsers, First Republic launched with a stunning new website.

It's been Dayspring's privilege to serve.

Technologies employed: XSLT, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
Design partner: Collaborint.

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