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With in-house, experienced professionals, our team has all of the skill sets necessary to create complex Web applications and stunning Web sites.

Our backgrounds cover a wide range of engineering, design and social disciplines and we work together seamlessly—with one another and with our clients—in a partnership that yields elegant design, insightful development and on-time deliveries.

John Greenhill

Since beginning his tenure at Dayspring in 2001, John has managed and developed on a variety of Web projects, from 2.0 community sites to custom content management systems and customer service applications. Clients that have benefited from John’s clear communication and disciplined focus on execution run the gamut from publishing giants to startups to foundations.

In addition to his Managing Principal tasks overseeing Dayspring’s Consulting Services, John serves as company Vice President and directs the Salesforce practice area. He comes to Dayspring from previous roles as a certified Microsoft and Novell technical trainer and network engineer, including a stint in Peru.

John holds his BS in Aerospace Engineering from University of Virginia. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and three children and has a penchant for Peruvian food.

Chi-Ming Chien

Chi-Ming was part of Dayspring’s founding team and assumed general management responsibilities in 2002. With one eye on technology developments and two on business value, he focuses Dayspring on delivering quality work for all our clients. With more than a decade of experience in consulting and Web development, Chi-Ming has brought his insight and expertise to clients ranging from the largest corporations to midsize firms to community-based nonprofits. With Dayspring’s recent mission-driven relocation, Chi-Ming will be taking a sabbatical to focus on planning Dayspring’s next creative initiative.

Before co-founding Dayspring, Chi-Ming worked for software consultancy Sapient Corporation as a consultant/developer and project manager. His responsibilities included leading a team that enhanced the online channels of a major bank’s business banking operations and subsequently provided 24/7 support. Chi-Ming has also held positions at Hughes Electronics and U-Lead Systems and has worked on software and systems as diverse as satellite-based mobile telephony and call-center agent terminal applications.

Chi-Ming holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with a focus in Computer Architecture and an MS in Electrical Engineering, focusing on Network Systems, both from Stanford University. He graduated with distinction and as a President’s Scholar, Terman Scholar and David Starr Jordan Scholar. Chi-Ming lives in San Francisco with his wife and three children.

Bruce Yu

As a Lead Developer, Bruce’s primary responsibility at Dayspring is leading teams in providing effective solutions to business problems. Over Bruce’s 15+ years at Dayspring he has worked on projects for clients spanning the range from Internet startups to Fortune 500 companies—always with a singular focus on getting the job done and delivering value.

Prior to joining Dayspring, Bruce was an application developer at Oracle Corporation building intranet web applications to serve its worldwide support staff. Bruce has also worked at Microsoft, part of a small team delivering a tool to support quality assurance efforts. Since this was years ago, he takes no responsibility for Vista.

Bruce has a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University and is a certified Scrum Master. An accomplished violinist who soloed with the Stanford Symphony, you may catch him playing concertos in the corner conference room during lunch.

Janet McKelpin

As Creative Director and Senior Designer, Janet leads the team providing visual solutions for our clients—creating engaging websites and highly usable applications. She particularly enjoys the fact that her partnerships with some of Dayspring’s clients have spanned over 10 years.

Prior to joining Dayspring, Janet was a designer with the Dan Gilbert Art Group, developing consumer products at this boutique Mill Valley design studio. Her diverse experience creating products ranging from puzzles to apparel to books gives her a broad perspective on design and its application to the Web.

Janet holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Hawaii. She admires people like sushi chef Jiro Ono who practice an art form for a lifetime. Her short-term goal is to get back to beating her husband in Wii™ boxing.

Dale Gish

As a Salesforce specialist, Dale provides strategic consulting and implementation for solutions on the Salesforce platform. His outstanding communication and sensitivity to organizational needs ensure Dayspring’s solutions are intuitive for users and increase business efficiency. His broad skills include business planning and development, systems analysis, project management, user adoption and training.

Dale has an extensive history in non-profit leadership and social services, most recently working for an industry leading nonprofit Salesforce consulting company and as a Salesforce Administrator for a Bay area nonprofit.

When he isn’t working in Salesforce, Dale writes songs, plays guitar, and tries to keep up with his two young daughters.

Matthew Denson

As a Lead Developer, Matthew has played a key role over the last decade in designing and developing the database-driven systems that Dayspring prepares for its clients. He also keeps his eye on the latest advances in software architecture and particularly enjoys designing software solutions that are innovative and elegant for problems that haven’t been approached before.

Before joining Dayspring, Matthew developed software as a Naval Architect at a commercial ship design and engineering firm in the Bay Area. The software he developed is still used by ship’s officers to safely maximize the cargo carried.

Matthew holds a BS in Naval Architecture from the Webb Institute. Matthew lives in San Francisco with his family. He has been known to take vacation time to build and refurbish stringed instruments and hopes eventually to build a kayak.

Shane Chao

Shane is the Hostmaster and System Administrator for Dayspring, responsible for day-to-day management and technical support for Dayspring’s Web hosting environment. If you host with us and you’re having a problem, Shane’s probably already on it. He holds a side job trying to prevent our devs from proliferating virtualized servers without his permission.

Prior to joining Dayspring, Shane worked as a Senior Field Applications Engineer for KLA-Tencor where he developed analytical solutions and trained engineers on KLA-Tencor products. His past experience includes semiconductor process development and IS integration of statistical quality control systems.

Shane graduated with a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. In his spare time he enjoys building paper airplanes with his sons.

Matt Crawford

As a Developer, Matt builds the inner workings behind the websites and web applications Dayspring creates. His work has ranged from algorithms for intelligent content suggestion to Web 2.0 communities to gradebook calculation for fully-randomized assessments. Matt relishes writing tight and clean Java, PHP, and JavaScript code–and semi-regularly curses the quirks and incompatibilities of the 8-year-old browser technology known as IE6. Before joining Dayspring, Matt worked as a statistical programmer at William E. Wecker Associates.

Matt holds a BS in Mathematics from UCLA and an MA in Statistics from UC Berkeley. He is a big fan of strategy games, and is the primary force behind Dayspring’s lunchtime card games.

Jason Gabler

With over a decade in software development and systems administration, Jason serves on client Web development projects and assists with Dayspring’s computing and hosting infrastructure. Along with being a certified Salesforce developer, Jason’s specialties include Drupal, PHP and *nix of every flavor.

Prior to joining Dayspring, Jason worked at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory where his software development and distributed computing skills were applied to research and development in high performance computing, particularly with Linux-based, massively parallel computing systems. Previously, Jason has also worked for the Cybersafe Corporation and Zero G Software.

Jason holds his BS in Computer Science from UC Davis where, as a member of the university’s distributed computing research team, he and his teammates collaborated with other campus departments to research, develop and deploy emerging distributed computing tools for campus-wide use. When not in the office, he occasionally revisits his never ending quest to see just how high he can toss his children into the air.

Young-Ki Kim

As a Project Manager and resident CSS jock at Dayspring, Young-Ki leads web design clients from concept through production to delivery. And he won’t leave you alone until he makes sure that there is a plan in place to keep the content on the new site fresh and up-to-date.

Over his decade-plus tenure at Dayspring, Young-Ki has worked with clients that represent a wide array of industries—from financial services to nonprofits to universities–all of whom benefit from his clear communication and near-OCD-level attention to detail. He takes great pride in producing compliant, well-formatted code that is intuitive for developers to integrate and easy for clients to grow.

Young-Ki graduated from UCLA with a BA in Sociology and finds the social and human implications of the Web fascinating. When not at his desk, you can usually find him repairing a flat on his bike or plucking out a tune on his mandolin.

Amy Mar

As Office Manager, Amy keeps the Dayspring office running smoothly. Her responsibilities include handling Dayspring’s day-to-day finances, general administration and special events. Prior to joining Dayspring’s staff, Amy served as office manager at two San Francisco Bay Area law firms.

Amy loves a good book and is irrepressibly devoted to the Giants—win or lose.

Paul Tomanpos

Paul joined Dayspring’s Design team in 2005. He gets a kick out of improving interfaces and websites with better usability. He’s a Mac, wielding the Adobe Creative Suite, Flash and ActionScript with considerable aplomb. Favorite books include The Design of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman and Prioritizing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger.

Paul holds a BA in Industrial Arts with an emphasis on Product Design from San Francisco State University. When not pushing pixels, Paul enjoys playing the drums and learning new drum patterns by ear. One of his favorite drum tracks ever is “Squib Cakes” by Tower of Power.

Jeffrey Wong

As a Lead Developer at Dayspring, Jeffrey manages teams and architects Web software in PHP and Java and has also worked to integrate applications with web services ranging from’s API to PayPal to CyberSource’s online payment processing. Prior to joining Dayspring, Jeff worked on software development process optimization at the Collaborative Agent Design Research Center at Cal Poly, improving source control and implementing a continuous integration build process.

Jeff holds a BS in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He started with programming his Legos® in junior high and has never quite kicked the coding habit since.

Jonathan Yee

Jonathan brings over a decade of experience in software development to bear on the business problems of clients ranging from retailers to VC firms to businesses organizing their model around the Web. He specializes in PHP and MySQL development, and also has a growing passion for front-end technologies and client-side applications.

Prior to joining Dayspring, Jonathan was a Senior Developer at CNET and ZDNet, engineering web applications for their Games & Entertainment websites, including PHP development on the GameSpot site which handled in excess of 5 million monthly unique visitors. Prior to CNET, Jon held positions at the NASA Ames Research Center and Galorath Inc.

Jonathan graduated from UCLA with a BS in Mathematics/Applied Science. Like any true Bostonian, Jonathan closely follows the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. When not immersed in code, Jonathan plays lead guitar (and bass guitar and drums) in a Rock Band® with his sons Gordon, Garrett, and Grant. Drum solos are his specialty.

Brian Sun

Brian handles anything and everything to do with marketing at Dayspring. His focus includes saying as much as possible in as little as possible, creating messaging strategies, and wordsmithing copy.

Before joining Dayspring, Brian worked for a non-profit for five years mentoring college students and traveling the world. Outside of the office, he reads books, plays basketball, and eats really good food. Especially burritos.

Lauren Chinn

As a Developer, Lauren focuses her talents on building websites and web applications for Dayspring’s clients. Her specialties are PHP, Javascript, CSS, and meeting new people.

Lauren graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Mathematics and minors in Computer Science and Spanish. She’s passionate about traveling the world, especially the areas with Latin flavor. You’ll often find her being silly in public to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Ann Ku

Ann brings over 15 years of design acumen to her role as User Experience Lead at Dayspring. With previous design roles at PayPal, Hotwire, 3Com and other tech companies, she is adept at creating web and mobile interfaces that span the needs of users, business, and technology. When leading the UX Design process from concept through final design, she relentlessly seeks to create coherent, elegant solutions. She loves simplifying complexity.

In addition to UX Design, Ann is passionate about supporting humanitarian organizations such as International Justice Mission and The Business Revolution. She graduated from Stanford University with a MA and BA in Psychology. She indulges in ice cream, BBQ ribs, and soccer.

Karen Yu

As a Salesforce consultant, Karen consults with clients on solutions implemented on the Salesforce platform for organizations of all sizes. She works diligently to not only ensure the satisfaction of the client but also maximize efficiency and usability. Her skills include clear communication, organization, detail orientation, project management, and business development.

Prior to joining Dayspring's Consulting Services team, Karen taught math at Mission High School and worked on databases, websites, and pricing applications for NorthPoint Communications and DHL Worldwide Express. Karen holds a BS in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and a MA in Education from Stanford University. Outside of work, Karen enjoys spending time with others playing badminton, hiking, baking and cooking, playing board games, exploring new places both locally and abroad, and learning more languages.


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